‘Lush have taken Saltburn to another level’ beauty fans say as they spot store’s bath bomb based on THAT bathtub scene

FROM the ‘vampire’ to grim graveyard scene, it’s little surprise Saltburn has been dubbed the most controversial film of the year so far.

And now Lush has jumped on the hype – and left beauty fans both amused and “traumatised” after flogging new ‘Saltburn’ bath bombs inspired by the infamous bathtub scene.

Lush have released a bath bomb inspired by controversial film, 'Saltburn'


Lush have released a bath bomb inspired by controversial film, ‘Saltburn’Credit: tiktok/@itsheatherbell
Social media users have praised the clever marketing technique


Social media users have praised the clever marketing techniqueCredit: tiktok/@itsheatherbell

The posh thriller follows a university student who invites a fellow student back to his family’s sprawling estate when he becomes obsessed with him.

In one of the most talked about moments, Oliver Quick, played by Barry Keoghan, accidentally sneaks a peak at Felix Catton, played by Jacob Elordi, masturbating in their shared tub.

When Felix empties out the water and leaves the bathroom, Oliver sees the opportunity to sneak in to get some alone time with the tub before the water has all drained.

So it’s no wonder Lush shoppers have been left divided by Lush’s new release, with one woman named Heather taking to TikTok (@itsheatherbell) and noting: “Lush have took Saltburn to another level – just wait for it…


“At this point, Lush just wins!”

She then shares the promo shot of the actor sniffing the ‘saltbomb’ bath bomb as he leans over the bath tub.

“It’s called the ‘saltbomb'” she chuckles, as she places her hand over her mouth.

Heather captioned the post: “Who’s getting it then?”

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The post quickly went viral, garnering a whopping 749k views and several comments from very amused social media users.

“Read the reviews, they’re even better,” wrote one.

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A second penned: “Honestly, Marketing at its finest!”

Heather replied: “It’s actually the best thing I’ve ever seen – the reviews are insane just posted them.”

A third commented: “Why not what a bloomin great idea to sell their product seeing as Saltburn is the most craziest movie right now and yeah I’ve watched it 3 times.”

Meanwhile, a fourth added: “Howling,” followed by the crying with laughter emoji.

And a further chimed in: “The greatest PR I have ever seen.”

In another video (@thelushqueen.xx), a beauty fan who refers to herself as ‘The Lush Queen,’ can be seen reviewing the very bath bomb in question.

“Omg this is the most disturbing bath bomb Lush has ever created – this is the Saltbomb,” she says.

“If you’ve not watched it, I don’t know whether tor recommend watching it but there are some strange scenes in that film.

“And this bath bomb is inspired by the infamous scene of Felix in the bath enjoying myself a little bit too much.

“I mean, you do you hun, but Oliver comes along and then he does a whole manner of disgusting things.

“I will never unsee that…and then Lush, the one thing I use to make myself feel good and relax, bring out a bath bomb that just really traumatises the whole scene again.”


She adds: “And of course Lush have made this bath bomb with salts – Epsom salts, coconut milk – so not only doe it make your bath all salty, it also leaves a very creamy, milky and white substance.

“Oh I am done – Lush, I’m traumatised…I can’t even get in this bath!”

Barry Keoghan's bathtub scene in Saltburn film 2023


Barry Keoghan’s bathtub scene in Saltburn film 2023Credit: MGM Studios