I won’t gatekeep my hair growth secrets as a dermatologist – I was shedding loads, my cure tastes fishy but really works

A DERMATOLOGIST has shared her secrets to getting your hair to grow back following hair loss.

Lindsey Zubritsky shared her tips via a video posted to her TikTok channel, @dermguru.

Lindsey's hair was falling out in large chunks


Lindsey’s hair was falling out in large chunksCredit: Tiktok/@dermguru/
She shared the tips she swears by


She shared the tips she swears byCredit: Tiktok/@dermguru/
The dermatologist recommends Nutrafol


The dermatologist recommends NutrafolCredit: Tiktok/@dermguru/

The medical professional often uses the account to share skincare hacks and tricks.

Her videos are very popular with social media users and she has amassed an whopping 1.2 million followers on the video sharing platform.

In the video, Lindsey explained that her hair started to fall out after she gave birth.

She shared a clip of her shower, where enormous clumps of her long black hair lined the walls.

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However, she has managed to transform her scalp, using a few tricks that she said she “refuses to gatekeep”.

Lindsey’s first tip is to use Nutrafol hair growth supplements.

Nutrafol is the number one dermatologist recommended hair growth supplement brand.

It is pretty pricey, at about £96 for a box of 120 capsules, but Lindsey swears by them.

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“They taste a little fishy, but I don’t go a day without them”, she said.

Using Rogaine Minoxidil hair regrowth treatment is the next tip on Lindsey’s list.

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She said: “Rogaine has become my BFF.

“it increases the growth phase of the hair cycle and knocks it out of the shedding phase”.

Lindsey demonstrated using the product by spraying the foam on the roots of her hair and rubbing it in.

A can of Rogaine costs around £30.

The final tip recommended by the dermatologist is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections.

PRP injections involve a clinician taking a blood sample from a patient and then placing the sample into a centrifuge to create platelet rich plasma.

The platelet rich plasma is then injected back into the target area (in this case the hair).

Platelet rich plasma can stimulate cell reproduction and tissue regeneration, so can help with hair regrowth.

“It uses the body’s own growth factors to stimulate hair growth”, she said.

PRP is a pretty expensive treatment, and it costs hundreds of pounds for one session with a dermatologist.

Lindsey’s hair now looks extremely healthy, and flows in thick waves down her back.

Her TikTok has clearly left many impressed, as it has racked up over 1.6 million views.

TikTok users raced to the video’s comments section to share their thoughts on Lindsey’s recommended treatments.

One user said: “Ordering Nutrafol now! I got off birth control after being on it for 10 years and I’ve been shedding so much.”


Another user remarked: “I started using Nurafol two months ago and I’m starting to see difference in shredding.”

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