Do Netflix’s Games Cost Extra Money?

Did you know you can now play games on Netflix? Back in 2022 the streaming giant — known, of course, for its online movies and TV series — added a bunch of games to their coffers. There’s some based on popular original titles of theirs, including Stranger Things, Money Heist, and Shadow and Bone. There are even some classic video games, including three Grand Theft Autos, allowing subscribers to cosplay as straight-up psychopaths while riding the subway in front of innocent on-lookers.

But is it an added luxury to pay for these? Or do they come with your subscription.

The answer is the latter. But how do you play them? Some can be played on your laptop or desktop. Others, like the Grand Theft Autos, can only be done so on your handheld device, be it iOS or Android. To play those you’ll have to download them as a separate app to your phone. Can it be awkward trying to play a game on your phone that was originally designed for a fancy doodad with lots of buttons? It sure can! But if you have a Netflix account, at least it’s “free.”

Though Netflix added games last year, it didn’t appear to take off with the public. At one point the vast majority of subscribers didn’t even know they had games. Those that did weren’t sure if they were part of their subscription, hence articles like this. But you can, and now that you know that, sally forth and play the game for their Chicken Run game called, naturally, Eggstraction.

A full list of Netflix games can be found here.