Notes on chocolate: Tasty bars inside tasteful wrappers

I wanted to remind you of a wonderful brand called Arthouse Unlimited. This company gives employment to adults with complex neurodiverse and physical support needs. They make a myriad of things, including some delicious chocolate.

Arthouse also makes one of my all-time-favourite bars: its Blue Dogs Milk Chocolate Cheesecake with Gingernut Crunch (which, coincidentally, I bought from the excellent Blue Dog shop in Clare in Suffolk and if you do go to Clare in Suffolk, make sure you go to the Harris & Harris bookshop, which is out of this world amazingly great).

I wrote about Blue Dogs a couple of years ago, but I’m not sure I did it justice as the memory of it has never left me (so much so I dare not have it in the house again). It’s a bar to give yourself over to completely, perhaps as you stare out of your window wondering why the early months of the year are each six weeks long. Maybe share it with a friend if you must.It’s very very hard to put down once you start.

Arthouse does some rather crazy flavours, not all of which I love, but all of which I think you should try if you, or someone you know, likes chocolate with beautiful packaging and original flavours.

There is something very Wonka-childish about some of the permutations. Probably the maddest is Sunflowers in the Hills – white chocolate with lemon meringue poppy candy and cinnamon biscuit crunch.

But if you want something a bit more sedate, the Flying Fandangoes Silky Milky White chocolate is a lovely white chocolate. All the bars are £6.75/85g and they make a much more original present than buying something from a supermarket. And it’s a good cause.

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