Laura Dern Swears The ‘Big Little Lies’ Team Is ‘Working Diligently’ To Make Season 3 Happen

It seemed impossible: How could there be more Big Little Lies when everyone in that dream cast is so busy? Would people simply have to subsist on two seasons, one boasting Meryl Streep? Maybe not! Recently Nicole Kidman has claimed that she and the team are trying to move heaven and earth to make Season 3 happen. Now there’s more assuring — if vague — news.

Entertainment Weekly caught up with Laura Dern as she was doing press for Palm Royale, her new Apple TV+ show. The legendary Oscar-winner basically said they’re trying, trying real hard.

“I can tell you that all of us who are involved in it would never imagine a better time,” Dern said. “We love each other so much and would have the time of our life being back together, and we love our characters so much.”

That said, there’s no major update. “I truly know what you know,” she confessed. “But I know that it is something that they are working diligently at dreaming up, and I sure hope it comes to fruition.”

Still, there’s a chance they could pull off the impossible. Kidman recently said that the wheels are turning mostly thanks to her 15-year-old daughter, who got so hooked on the show that she demanded her mom get off her butt and make more.

When it premiered back in 2017, the Monterey murder comedy was only supposed to be a one-off. It was so popular that they brought it back for a second round. Hopefully the third will materialize, provided they can get back not only Kidman and Dern but also Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, and Zoë Kravitz, all of whom tend to be busy these days.

(Via EW)