TV tonight: Lindsey and Rob Burrow reveal the shocking truth about unpaid care in the UK

Tonight: Lindsey Burrow – Who Cares for Our Carers?

8.30pm, ITV1

Last year, Lindsey Burrow (left) ran the inaugural Leeds marathon, which her husband, Rob (right), co-founded with his former Leeds Rhinos teammate Kevin Sinfield to help raise awareness for motor neurone disease. (Rob and Sinfield were awarded CBEs in January for their services to motor neurone disease awareness.) Here, Lindsey highlights the demands of unpaid caring – which she continues to do for Rob – a service worth an estimated £162bn a year in the UK.

Hollie Richardson

Dragons’ Den

8pm, BBC One

When Tangle Teezer came into the den in 2007, the dragons gave them the brush-off. Peter Jones is careful not to make the same mistake again when a couple pitch a new “healthy hairbrush”. Elsewhere, there’s a gadget for cleaning cats’ teeth – but will the dragons bite? HR

The Apprentice

9pm, BBC One

You know the drill by this point (and if you don’t, you’re fired). The 18th season of the business reality show kicks off with a bevy of incredibly earnest – and surprisingly credible – candidates competing to impress Alan Sugar. Too bad he’s every bit as withering as we remember, eh? Kayleigh Dray


9pm, ITV1

The village has never been known as a quiet spot; there’s yet another murder investigation this week when an Italian man is found dead at Leonard’s halfway house. Neighbours are shaken, particularly when Geordie realises it wasn’t suicide and the other residents are under suspicion. Will, meanwhile, is troubled after his accident. Hannah Verdier

The Miners’ Strike 1984: The Battle for Britain

9pm, Channel 4

Acquitted … Janet and Ernie Barber in The Miners’ Strike 1984: The Battle for Britain. Photograph: Channel 4/Zora Kuettner/Swan Films

The date 18 June 1984 is infamous as the bloodiest day of the strike – otherwise known as the Battle of Orgreave. Part two of this documentary explores how three striking miners – Arthur Critchlow, Stef Wysocki and Ernie Barber – were put on trial for rioting, but were acquitted amid accusations of corruption, leading to burning questions about policing and justice. Ali Catterall


9pm, Sky Atlantic

We get a double helping of David Hyde Pierce this week, as Paul’s twin brother, Charles, turns up. His timing isn’t great: Life magazine is due to visit to profile Julia – and she’s not exactly her brother-in-law’s biggest fan. Meanwhile, Avis gets in trouble for “canoodling” too much with her new lover. HR

Film choice

Uncanny … Sam Riley as Ian Curtis in Control. Photograph: Warner Music/Kobal/Shutterstock

Control (Anton Corbijn, 2007), 6am, Sky Cinema Greats
“I’ve no control any more.” The brief life of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis was a troubled one, and Anton Corbijn’s stark black-and-white biopic – based on his widow Debbie’s book – is more intrigued by his personal life than the fertile Manchester music scene that gave birth to his influential band. Sam Riley gives an uncanny impression of Curtis, tormented by his epilepsy, a too-young marriage to Debbie (Samantha Morton, exceptional as ever) and his love for another woman, Alexandra Maria Lara’s Annik. Simon Wardell

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