Jordan Davis proves Eagles only draft big boys with the voice of an angel

Last year, the Philadelphia Eagles offensive line released the Christmas album, “A Philly Special Christmas” and it absolutely rocked. I mean, what else could you possibly want outside of very big dudes singing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”?

I know the answer: MORE big dudes who sing Christmas songs a whole lot better than you would think. The crew of Lane Johnson, Jordan Mailata and Jason Kelce are back, but they’ve also added another big man to their group: Eagles DT Jordan Davis. The 6’6, 330 pound nose tackle is in the midst of a career year and decided to stop by the studio to create some music for the new album coming out this Christmas time.

At first, you don’t think Davis can sing, mainly because, well, he’s an NFL defensive tackle. How much time does he have to be good at other things?

However, then he sings and buddy he can SANG. Not sing, SANG.

As someone who can sing a little bit (growing up as a church kid you had to either sing, pray or talk, and I was taught to do all 3), you can tell Davis can sing because of how shy he is coming up to the mic. Everyone who can sing almost never wants to flat out say they can sing, but they’re always pushed towards a mic by everyone else. That was the first tell, and then he sang and almost everyone in the room was taken back. Look at Jordan Mailata’s face!

The producer is also pleasantly surprised at this development, knowing he’s helping put together another banger Christmas album.

Finally, there’s something majestic about Davis singing like an angel wearing a Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt. Big dudes singing in wrestling shirts is really what the Christmas season is about.

Shine on, Jordan. Shine on.