I’m 39 weeks pregnant but you’d never know… until you see my massive ‘torpedo belly’ from the side

A PREGNANT mum has left people stunned after sharing how she hides her 39 week big baby bump.

Our bodies undergo pretty major changes when we fall pregnant – a more radiant complexion, a sudden hair growth, a bigger appetite and of course, the biggest sign of them all – a baby bump.

The mum-of-three pictured 39 weeks pregnant


The mum-of-three pictured 39 weeks pregnantCredit: instagram/@racheljohnsonfamilyadventures
Rachel, who recently gave birth, proved just how slimming black was


Rachel, who recently gave birth, proved just how slimming black wasCredit: instagram/@racheljohnsonfamilyadventures
Social media users were totally amazed after she turned to the side


Social media users were totally amazed after she turned to the sideCredit: instagram/@racheljohnsonfamilyadventures

But you wouldn’t be able to tell this by looking at mum Rachel Johnson, who despite being 39 weeks looked slimmer than ever carrying her third child.

The parent, who recently gave birth to the latest member to join the family, revealed that it’s all thanks to an easy hack – and it can be found in your wardrobe.

According to the fashionista, believed to be from the US, you only need to wear a figure-hugging black dress to give an illusion of a smaller frame.

The dark colour, a must-have for any capsule wardrobe, has long been considered a great tool if you want to tone your body without any dieting – and Rachel brilliantly proved it by sharing a clip on Instagram.


The now-viral video, which has been viewed a whopping 2million times, sees the stunner pose in a slim-fitting black midi dress with wide strapes.

At first, as Rachel is flashing her smile facing the camera, you wouldn’t be able to tell she is due to give birth any time.

But then the mum-of-three turns to the side – and suddenly her massive pregnancy appears out of nowhere, leaving viewers stunned.

”They say black is slimming… I don’t know – what do you guys think?” she chuckled in the video.

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”Can you tell I’m 39 weeks pregnant?

”The side view always gives it away,” Rachel joked in the caption.


Did you spot the bump before she turned? Thousands of amazed social media users revealed they didn’t.

”I gasped!!! This is such a neat video,” one viewer was lost for words.

”MA’AM?!?!?! I…that was so unexpected,” another couldn’t believe their eyes.

”That’s how my first baby was— torpedo belly. My 2nd baby made me look like I’d gained 500 lbs. I was swollen all over my body, puffy face, swollen hands and feet, etc,” a fellow mum chimed in.

”An entire MAGIC trick,” a fourth reckoned.

”You’re an optical illusion,” a social media fanatic penned.

To all her fans on the platform, Rachel also shared a heart-warming family update after giving birth to their son in October.

Posting adorable images of the little tot, the mum wrote: ”We’re so excited to present our son, Shiloh Harvey Johnson! Shiloh means “God’s gift of peace” and Harvey means “battle worthy”.

”He was born at 10:53pm on Friday, October 20th, 6 days after his due date. He weighed 8 Ibs 12 oz and measured 21.75 inches long! The biggest of all the kids!

”Once Shiloh decided to come, he came in a hurry! He was born in the triage room, just 35-40 minutes after we got to the hospital.

”I am doing well… I had a postpartum hemorrhage in which I lost over a liter of blood, then passed out several times due to the low blood pressure.

”Thankfully, I’m doing well after a couple medications, IV fluids, and an iron infusion. Shiloh and I were cleared to leave the hospital and are now home.”

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