Lego’s Apollo 11 Lunar Lander is 20% off this weekend

Save 20% on Lego’s Apollo 11 Lunar Lander from November 18 as Lego Insiders weekend sales launches and this set is included in the sales. 

The Lego Apollo Lunar Lander is 20% off for this weekend only from Lego’s website. 

Black Friday may be around the corner, but there are Lego Insiders weekend sales to enjoy first. We like this Lego set a lot, after all, it is a combination of Lego and Space. It’s a 1087-piece model that comes with a lot of cool features too. It’s a fantastic celebration of man’s first steps on the moon that comes with two astronaut minifigures, different ascent and descent stages and a nameplate to go with it.

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If you’re looking to get a deal on a Lego set, this could be what you’re looking for as this deal is exclusive to Lego Insider members and it means you can beat the Black Friday rush on other sets. It has a detailed interior with room for the two minifigures, as well as a detailed exterior that comes with a crater, footprints and a U.S. flag. It also features a landing pad, panels, a ladder as well as an opening camera and laser hatches. This model is just over 1,000 pieces, so it isn’t a particularly time-consuming build and it works well as a display model on desks and shelves alike.

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Key Specs: 1087 pieces, two astronaut minifigures, detailed interior and exterior, a nameplate, a crater, a ladder, landing pads and panels. It measures 20 cm in height, 22 cm wide and 20 cm deep 

Consensus: If you’re a fan of space and Lego, this is a cool, small(ish) display model on a desk, table or shelf. This is a great time to get it too as the 20% offer is exclusive to Lego Insider members, it’s free to sign up and it’s ahead of Black Friday. 

Buy if: You’re looking for a cool Lego space set to display or you’re a Lego Insiders member looking for a deal this sales season.   

Don’t buy if: You want to wait to see what Black Friday offers, as this deal is only available this weekend. 

Alternative models: If this isn’t right for you, we recommend considering Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder. It too is on sale exclusively for Lego Insiders members this weekend and is $60 off. 

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