Gaza Cease-Fire, Joe out Gavin In, US Treasury Bonds Not Safe

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 608 11.17.23)

The cries are getting louder for a so-called cease-fire with the Israeli/Gaza war that started October 7th.  There is more proof coming out that Hamas is using hospitals and other civilian areas to conduct war while holding Israeli hostages.  That does not seem to matter much to the people demanding the killing be stopped.  Even the UN, which is notoriously against everything Israel, has passed a resolution demanding a cease-fire in Gaza.  Meanwhile, reports fighting on the Israel/Lebanon border with Hezbollah is at a point not seen in nearly two decades.   Hezbollah is backed by Iran and is much better trained and equipped than Hamas in the south.  Is this the calm before the WWIII storm, or will the cease-fire put an end to the fighting?

It is really starting to look like the Democrat party is maneuvering to dump Joe Biden in 2024 and replace him with California Governor Gavin Newsom.  New Dem rules established in 2022 say they can replace any presidential candidate they want under certain circumstances–without any primaries.  Even Joe wants Gavin to have his job.  Seriously, Biden said this.  Greg Hunter will explain.

People do not realize just how weak the U.S. financial system really is.  Moody’s just gave a big warning that it may downgrade the federal government’s AAA credit rating.  Could that be a disaster for interest rates and Treasury Bond sales?  One financial expert contends US Treasury Bonds are not safe.  Meanwhile, the Pentagon has just failed its 6th audit in a row, and there are trillions of dollars “missing.”  Sound familiar?  Dr. Mark Skidmore and Catherine Austin Fitts brought the problem of “Missing Money” up years ago, and now it’s hitting the mainstream.  Is this the tip of the financial iceberg we are about to hit as the exploding federal debt goes out of control?

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Renowned biotech analyst Karen Kingston will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  She will talk about people waking up to the CV19 Vax crimes and tell you how people will start suing the vax makers who killed and injured people on purpose.

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