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A big part of what we’ve wanted to do with our players is to talk about our identity as a team. Part of that is knowing the history of our team and having an understanding of how special some of the players that have been England internationals before are.

We’ve had the chance to do that this week. We showed some footage of Sir Bobby to the players, the first day we arrived. A reminder that, of course, even a Liverpool man given Bobby’s performances with England can relate to his importance for English football.

At times those things can come into conflict because club managers of course have got to look after their own roles and responsibilities, and that can put players in difficult positions with all international teams, frankly.

But your international team will always be there as well and if you can win something with your international team, it’s probably bigger than anything else you’re going to experience.

So, there were lots of messages within that for all of the players but, most importantly, an incredible player, an incredible man.

Gareth Southgate