Netflix’s best perk used by only 1% of subscribers is getting even better next year with seven big arrivals

NETFLIX has revealed details about seven new titles coming to its little-known gaming service next year.

The streaming giant now has over 80 games available at no extra cost to subscribers and plans keep releasing more every week.

The brand new Chicken Run movie arrives to Netflix on December 15


The brand new Chicken Run movie arrives to Netflix on December 15Credit: AARDMAN / NETFLIX

However, it was recently reported that less than 1 per cent of users are actually making use of the perk.

Nevertheless, the company is pressing ahead with the project, hoping to capitalise on tie-ins with its biggest shows and movies.

As part of Netflix‘s annual Geeked Week, the firm has unveiled details of seven releases coming in 2024.

Among them is Chicken Run: Eggstraction, which picks up after the events of new Netflix movie Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget due to hit the streamer on December 15.

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There’s also The Dragon Prince: Xadia and a Money Heist game which are also tied to popular Netflix series.

“We have access to creators that both are making the show and the games, like Chicken Run and Dragon Prince, which is amazing because we get to create really authentic game experiences around those IPs that are very connected to the TV show or movie,” Netflix’s Leanne Loombe, VP of External Games, told press.

“So we’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of this, I think this is where we’ll lean in and this is what our fans and our members are asking for.

“We have members and fans that sit and watch their favourite shows and they love the characters and worlds and they really get into it.

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“And so, it’s a really great way for us to expand on those universes and allow our members to continue experiencing those characters they love, you know, especially when we talk about things like Shadow and Bone and Money Heist, and really being able to get into the experience of those characters and find out even more about those worlds.”

Leanne also told The Sun that, unlike the main TV and movie service, Netflix has no plans to bring ads to games “right now”.

“It’s really one of our value propositions to both have no in-app purchases, no monetisation and no ads and that’s really important for our strategy,” she said.

The full list of games announced for launch in 2024 are:

  • Money Heist
  • Chicken Run: Eggstraction
  • The Dragon Prince: Xadia
  • Death’s Door
  • Katana Zero
  • Hades
  • Braid, Anniversary Edition

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