I founded Britain’s first sex school and here are my top tips to sizzle between the sheets

WITH a decade of experience as an escort, Rebecca Dakin knows a thing or two about how to please a man.

Now she is sharing her tricks of the trade with other women and couples in Britain’s first love-making school.

Sexpert Rebecca Dakin has opened Britain’s first love-making school


Sexpert Rebecca Dakin has opened Britain’s first love-making school
At The Great British Sexperts’s School Of Sex, Rebecca shares her tips with women and couples


At The Great British Sexperts’s School Of Sex, Rebecca shares her tips with women and couplesCredit: supplied

The Great British Sexperts’s School Of Sex even has its own Latin motto of: “Iter ad magnum sexus”, which means “journey towards great sex”.

Rebecca, a 48-year-old mum of one from Nottingham, was a high-class escort from the age of 25.

Here, she tells Sarah Arnold her tips for mind-blowing sex.

SCHEDULE SEX WITH YOUR PARTNER: I recommend one longer sex session a week to keep the spark alive.

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Put it in a diary if you have to, giving yourself at least an hour.

I recommend having quickies in between to keep the physical connection.

FOREPLAY, FOREPLAY, FOREPLAY: Women can take up to 45 minutes for their body to be ready for sex.

Foreplay is about making sure she can switch off and relax mentally.

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Low lights, scented candles, music and massage — or even send a saucy text during the day and begin a process that builds up over several hours.

SAY WHAT YOU WANT: Express your desires — tell your partner what feels good and what doesn’t.

If you struggle to say it, exchange notes and then practise it.

Keep encouraging each other.

For example: “I love it when you stroke the back of my neck.

“I’d love for you to massage my feet . . .  or more intimate areas!”

Egos are fragile, especially when it comes to sex.

Use what I call the “feedback sandwich”.

Give positive feedback, constructive feedback on what you don’t like and they could do better on and close with positive feedback.

It works every time.

PRACTISE EDGING: This is a simple technique that can be done solo or with a partner where you take them to the brink of orgasm then stop.

Allow the feelings to subside then build again.

Try to build up the time before you orgasm, and delay satisfaction for the ultimate orgasm.

Make them wait for their orgasm and they will come back for more.

The school has its own Latin motto of: 'Iter ad magnum sexus,' which means '“'journey towards great sex'


The school has its own Latin motto of: ‘Iter ad magnum sexus,’ which means ‘“’journey towards great sex’Credit: supplied

ROLE PLAY: There is no excuse for boring sex.

Introducing role play, by dressing up in anything from sexy lingerie to a naughty nurse or even going the whole hog by changing your voice, mannerisms and persona, will give them a thrill and make sex feel naughty.

TIE AND TEASE: Blindfold your partner with loose hand ties.

Then, while they are at your mercy, create different sensations on the skin, using feathers or a silk scarf and your lips.

If they want, you could even try gentle flogging or light spanking.

But remember, it’s meant to be fun, and not painful.

SEX TOYS: These are an essential.

Everyone needs a bullet vibrator.

It’s not just for women and can be used as a massager over nipples and testicles.

POSITIONS: You do not have to do a Kama Sutra but I do recommend three:

Spooning when you are feeling lazy, women on top and do not under-estimate missionary — you can switch your leg positions to change sensations including putting them up or wrapping around him.

TALK DIRTY: Don’t say anything that feels uncomfortable, as that will sound weird and like you are in a bad porn movie.

Start off by narrating what’s going on, for example: “It feels really good,” or, “That’s really turning me on,” or “I love it when you do that.”

A bit of encouragement will reap dividends.

MOANING AND MOVEMENT: Do not just lie there like a sack of potatoes.

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Contract the vaginal muscles to hug his penis.

Practise tightening then releasing the muscles in your pelvic floor and you will have even better sex than you imagined.