Blankets Made to Help Those Who Have Experienced Pregnancy Loss

A warm blanket to curl up in can give a welcome sense of support to people who have experienced pregnancy loss.

Ashley Lieser knows the pain of leaving a hospital without a bundle of joy.

“The same hospital doors that everyone is walking out with car seats and new babies. As you are walking out next to that it’s a really painful feeling,” she told CBS News.  “Your whole world comes crashing down.”

This rarely talked about issue is not uncommon. The National Library of Medicine says up to 25 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage.

Leiser turned her grief into inspiration, saying, “creativity is a really good antidote to grief.”

She’s taken her comfy creations to a Minnesota hospital to be given to people who have lost a pregnancy.

“When I bring a blanket to a patient, I say this is from Ashley, she wants you to know you are surrounded by light and love and that she doesn’t want you to feel so alone,” she said.

Each blanket shows that someone cares. It’s a kind act that may not heal the hole left in a person’s heart, but she said, “we can at least provide comfort and warmth for women who experience this today while we figure out ways to make it better for the future.”

Ashley has raised enough money to give a homemade blanket to every family that experiences a pregnancy loss at Maple Grove Hospital for one year. She’s now looking for volunteers to help her crochet or knit.

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