Devlog #3 – General Game Update

Greetings everyone!
Long time no see!

I happy to announce additional improvements on the game such as new loading screen, terrain improvements, environment grayboxing through low poly assets, jungling system and much more!

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Lets go check it out.

Game loading screen will shows progress bar as well as each player in the current match.

Environment greyboxing – place, test and improve game environment through low poly models which will be replaced by real one in the next stage of the development after we are satisfied with the current state.

Jungle – initial concept of jungling has been established. Each jungler needs to collect effects from 9 tail beasts then summon and kill final beast which will give your team buff and enables you to kill Kaguya, the final boss.

UI improvements. Nothing fancy.

3D move cursor. This thing took me ages to figure out.