Andy Cohen Is Begging CNN To Just Let Him And Anderson Cooper Drink On Live Television During Their New Year’s Eve Broadcast Again

Drinking on the job is always a bad idea — unless it’s New Year’s Eve, and you’re on live television. It used to be tradition for Andy Cohen to get blitzed while co-hosting CNN’s end-of-year broadcast with Anderson Cooper. When they rang in 2022, Cohen got so hammered he railed against Ryan Seacrest (to whom he later apologized) and departing NYC mayor Bill DeBlasio (to whom he did not). Last year CNN banned on-air boozing, much to Cohen’s despair. This year, though, he’s hoping they’ll reverse that decision.

During a sit down on E! News, the talk show host was asked if he was planning on drinking on the DL during this year’s NYE broadcast.

“Hopefully, I will not be sneaking it,” Cohen replied. “I haven’t heard anything yet, but come on, they need to let us drink. It’s New Year’s Eve. That didn’t go well last year in terms of viewer happiness about us drinking. People really cared and I hope CNN gives the people what they want.”

He added, “Give the daddies some juice.”

Truly. During last year’s show, while trying to subsist on apple cider vinegar, a presumably sober Cohen lost it, screaming, “I NEED TEQUILA! HONESTLY!” while throwing his non-alcoholic drink.

Even Kevin Hart, during a remote interview, took pity on them. “I can’t believe this right now! Watching you guys, and you are completely sober! What is happening? What is happening right now?” Hart railed. “You guys can’t say anything about it, but I can! I can say things about it! This is absolute bullsh*t! I don’t like it one bit!”

CNN has had a rough year, with dramatic management upheaval and a disastrous attempt to kowtow to the MAGA crowd. They need a win. Perhaps that can come by feeding Andy Cohen shots of Malört while he insults the Pope or something. Surely Newsmax would let him do it.

(Via E! News)