We’re so fed-up with Captain Tom’s daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore over spa complex controversy – she should sell up & MOVE

FED-UP neighbours today called for Captain Tom’s daughter to “just sell-up and move”.

Hannah Ingram-Moore and her husband have just three months to tear down the luxury spa at their £1.2million home in Bedfordshire.

Neighbours say they are fed-up of Hannah Ingram-Moore


Neighbours say they are fed-up of Hannah Ingram-MooreCredit: Getty
She has been ordered to tear down her spa complex


She has been ordered to tear down her spa complex

The couple had battled to overturn a council order to demolish the “unauthorised” building.

Now neighbours have told The Sun they are fed-up with the Ingram-Moores – and wish they would move.

Pam Bushby, who is retired, said: “I wouldn’t be surprised if sells up and she moves. That’s what everyone wants now.

“She has tried to get everyone on side by saying she wanted us old folk to go and sit in it and have a cup of tea in the building. Have you ever heard anything like it?

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“They have done wrong from the start. When they started building they used to have lorries come down the road and get in through a gate at the back.

“The kerb wasn’t dropped and they made a hell of a noise. Everyone was complaining.

“She did not knock on people’s doors and explain what it going on.”

Lyn Wright, 73, added: “Perhaps they should just tear it down and move on.

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“It is really sad they have brought Captain Tom’s name down.”

The level of bad-blood towards the family hit new lows with fears Hannah Ingram-Moore could still take the decision to a judicial review.

One local said: “She seems so blind to what everyone thinks, it wouldn’t surprise me if they try to appeal again.

“They seem determined not to give up and they could try and get permission to alter the building, rather than tear it down completely.”

Another local said: “If they opened it as an AirBnB it would be booked-up for years.”

Resident Barry Shaw, who home is overlooked by the building said: “I am very pleased.

“They have got £800,000 in the bank from the book so they could go for a judicial review.

“They have two options – they can take it to a judicial review at the High Court or they could put in a completely new planning application. 

“If I was her I would go because she has had so much bad publicity. You would think they would want to go away and get a fresh start. They have got a lot of money.

“She went on Piers Morgan to get the sympathy vote and it back-fired.”

Another neighbour Jean Harrison, 80, said: “We never heard about the planning permission. We didn’t get any papers about it and did not know what was going on. 

“There was just one person building it and we thought ‘This is a bit strange.’

“It looks dreadful from here. It’s made of breeze block. It is good it has to come down.”

“I don’t think the Ingram-Moore family will stay now the old gentleman has gone. He did buy that place with them. He seemed a nice old gentleman.”

Neighbour Jill Bozdogan, 70, whose home is overlooked by the spa, said: “The sooner they tear it down the better.

“It doesn’t blend in with the two original buildings. For me it was something you can see from all my back windows – upstairs and downstairs.

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“Every time I went into the garden it makes me so cross.“It does nothing for the surroundings here.

“My mum is 99 and lives with me. She liked to go and sit in the garden, but she rarely does not because of that building.”