Stephen A. Smith’s Awkward-Looking Jordan Hat Felt The Wrath Of Relentless Jokes On Social Media

On Sunday Stephen A. Smith was in Philadelphia to watch the Eagles beat arguably their biggest rival, the Dallas Cowboys, with a final score of 28 to 23. Good for him (and them)! Unfortunately, Smith did it while wearing a particularly mockable form of headwear.

Per Complex, the ESPN star and Swiftie posed for a photo with a Philly sports die-hard who was clad in Eagles regalia. Smith, meanwhile, was wearing a Jordan brand baseball cap. Why was he wearing a basketball hat to a football game? Alas, that wasn’t the sartorial choice that nabbed people’s attention. It was a) the size of the cap, which was clearly too big for his head, and b) the insanely sculpted brim, which looked like Smith had spent the last few hours pressing it until it looked like a perfect V.

Smith’s brim drew a lot of jokes.

Others dwelled on the immense bagginess of the hat, which seemed large enough to consume his head.

All in all the hat didn’t make Smith look like a normal sports fan.

As for Smith, he didn’t notice or care that he had on an ill-fitting hat, and just went on enjoying the Eagles crush the Cowboys, as one does.

(Via Complex)