My anti-aging tonic is my biggest secret – it’s so easy to make & will save you $100, people swear by it for brown spots

A BEAUTY expert has found the secret to a wrinkle-free complexion.

She described her anti-aging tonic as her biggest secret.

TikTok user Vicky Derosa shared her anti-aging tip


TikTok user Vicky Derosa shared her anti-aging tipCredit: Tiktok/vicky.derosa
It used a food cupboard spice


It used a food cupboard spiceCredit: Tiktok/vicky.derosa

There was nothing complicated about this elixir of eternal youth.

It was super easy to make and would also take the strain off your bank balance because this skincare product was cheap.

This aromatic brew promised to save you $100, but you won’t find it in any beauty aisle.

Try poking around the food department instead.

The idea came from Vicky Derosa (@vicky.derosa), who has 216,000 followers.

She shares her knowledge and love of health and beauty on her TikTok.

In this post, she rolled out her “amazing anti-aging secret.”

She held a container of brownish liquid, which didn’t look very appetizing.

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But it was, according to Vicky: “Clove water is amazing. I use it as a tonic on my face, I just spray it on.

“I use it to make sure I’ve gotten anything off my face.”

But this beauty aid could also be consumed, she explained: “You can drink clove water but it’s so easy to make.”

Into a cup of water, she added two tablespoons of cloves, and brought the water to the boil.

This was then allowed to sit for ten or 15 minutes, then it was strained into a container.

“I keep this in the fridge,” she said, where it was good for a week.

“Oh my God, I love the way it feels on my skin,” she enthused.

But it addressed an issue many despaired of when it came to aging skin – age spots.

“People say if you have issues with brown spots, or age spots, they swear by clove water.”

She had seen the difference it made to a friend: “She swore this stuff has taken them away.

“From the time I met her and she started using this, I’m pretty sure the age spots are gone.”

She urged her followers to try it out: “Why not use this instead of some garbage that you’re spending like a hundred bucks on.”

Some commenters vouched for the effectiveness of this concoction.

“I use cloves water every single day it works amazingly,” said one advocate.

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There was another fan here: “Agree, based on my experience. Not a joke.”

It was further confirmed by this fan: “I love clove water it’s amazing.”

This tonic was great for age spots, she said


This tonic was great for age spots, she saidCredit: Tiktok/vicky.derosa