Gauff Looks Back On ‘Brightest & Darkest’ Days After Conclusion Of 2023 Season

Coco Gauff might not have finished the year the way she wanted to, but she was still pretty proud of everything she did in the past eleven months.

Gauff had a very interesting season, to say the least, as she opened with a trophy and then waited for half a year to win one again. It’s been a season of a lot of struggle, but the beautiful kind as she rose up as a butterfly as the season went on.

It was a needed season as she matured a lot as a player and as a person, which will help her in the coming year. It’s why she’s pretty proud of everything she achieved this year, and it’s been a lot.

She won a Grand Slam, she stabilized as a Top 5 player, and is ready to tackle number one next year. Gauff looked back on the season on Instagram, writing a few words admitting to experiencing both the best and some of the worst days of her life during it.

2023 season is officially over. hard to sum of this season in a few words. I saw my darkest and brightest days of my life this year. I probably grew enough for 10 lifetimes between January & now lol. I usually don’t say this but I am learning to be nicer to myself haha.

(I get questioned all the time by family, press, and y’all for not saying this) but yes I AM proud of myself. I am proud of the resilience showed. They really tried to count me out but it is all in God’s plan and His timing.

Next year is going to be huge for Gauff because now everybody will expect her to challenge for trophies weekly. It’s what she’ll expect of herself and it will be interesting to see.