Elections 2023 live updates: Latest on today’s races, ballot issues to watch

  Updated 15m ago

CBS News poll finds widespread concerns among Americans about reproductive care access

More women think access to reproductive care is getting harder, not easier, in the wake of the overturning of Roe v. Wade — and more than half of women say that being pregnant in the U.S. today is becoming more dangerous from a health-care perspective. Few think it is becoming safer.

But given the choice, abortion opponents would take this tradeoff: living in a state with fewer women’s health doctors or maternity centers, if that meant also more restrictions on abortion, too. See CBS News’ latest poll on abortion here

By Jennifer De Pinto

  20m ago

Kentucky governor’s race: Gov. Andy Beshear v. state AG Daniel Cameron

Incumbent Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear is trying to defend his seat in Republican-leaning Kentucky against GOP challenger, Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

As recently as mid-October, Beshear was leading by 16 points, but an Emerson College poll from last week had the race in a dead heat, with both candidates at 47% and 4% undecided. One of the more troubling signs for Beshear was that in October, 54% of former President Donald Trump’s supporters planned on supporting Cameron, but that number shot up to 79% last week — a 22% increase. Trump won the state by 26 points in 2020, making his voters essential to Beshear’s reelection hopes. Read more here.

By Caroline Linton

  21m ago

Mississippi governor’s race: Gov. Tate Reeves v. Brandon Presley

Democrat Brandon Presley, Elvis Presley’s second cousin, is trying to oust Republican Gov. Tate Reeves, and he may have a shot in the deep-red state. Mississippi hasn’t had a Democratic governor in two decades, but the 46-year-old Presley, a moderate, is trying to change that. He campaigned on expanding Medicaid and on supporting the state’s sweeping abortion ban. 

Reeves has been dogged by scandal. At least $77 million in federal funds intended for Mississippi’s poor were allegedly misspent or given to well-connected Mississippians from 2017-2020, when Reeves was lieutenant governor, according to the state auditor’s office. Reeves denies any wrongdoing. Read more here.

By Kathryn Watson

  21m ago

CISA says it’s not seeing any signs of “nefarious activity” related to elections

Things are looking “routine and standard” on Election Day, a senior official from the nation’s cyber security agency CISA said Tuesday.

“We continue to see no specific or critical threat to disrupt election infrastructure or Election Day operations,” the official said Tuesday, reports Nicole Sganga. As voters go to the polls, the official also said the agency is “not seeing anything at this time that indicates any type of nefarious activity,” though “Mother nature or human error” may cause some disruptions across the states voting on Tuesday. 

By Nicole Sganga