Big Brother’s punishes Chanelle after huge rule break – and she loses her immunity

BIG Brother star Chanelle Bowen has been punished after breaking nominations rules on tonight’s show.

Earlier this week, Chanelle won immunity from eviction after being voted for by her team during The Hunger Games challenge, meaning that housemates could not vote for her.

Chanelle's immunity has been revoked after her rule break


Chanelle’s immunity has been revoked after her rule break

But it has now been revealed that Welsh dental therapist Chanelle has had her immunity revoked after a secret chat with Jenkin and Olivia.

Glaswegian dancer Olivia will also lose her right to nominate this week.

The official Big Brother X account shared: “Breaking news! Big Brother sees it all, including a recent rule break… 

‘”As a result, Chanelle has had her Eviction immunity revoked, and another Housemate will suffer the wrath of Big Brother. All will be revealed tonight on Big Brother: Late & Live!”


Tonight Olivia, Jenkin and Chanelle had a conversation hinting at who they plan to nominate next.

During a chat in the living room, Olivia tells Chanelle and Jenkin: “Tomorrow is going to be f***ing hard.”

Jenkin says: “For you,” and Chanelle adds: “For you.”

Olivia tells them: “Do you know?”, leading Chanelle to say: “I forgive but I’ll never forget. For me, my best mate is up for eviction.”

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Jenkin quickly pipes up and says: “You can’t,” and Chanelle says: ‘I’m not saying it’s that.”

Olivia replies: “Do you know what? In a way I needed to hear that because sometimes I can be a bit like that where I see something in someone and think…”

Worried about the consequences of their chat, Jenkin urges his pals: “Guys. Just stop this conversation.”

During the episode, the ITV2 housemates were seen locked in a clear box in the middle of the house as their loved ones secretly entered.

Chanelle broke down in tears as her dad entered the property.

As she sobbed, he greeted her daughter as he said: “Hiya babes!”

Yinrun was in tears as her boyfriend entered the house, while Matty was left an emotional-wreck as he missed out on the opportunity to see his partner.

Jenkin, Olivia and Henry also received a visit from their loved ones.

Olivia was also involved in the conversation with Chanelle


Olivia was also involved in the conversation with Chanelle