Serbian Fans Want Me To Win 25-30 Slams Says Djokovic Despite Being Content With 24

Novak Djokovic is a man who has conquered almost every imaginable record in tennis, but Serbian fans are urging him to raise the Grand Slam count to as high as 30.

Djokovic is content with 24 Grand Slams – a men’s record – and described the enormous challenge of winning one of tennis’ most coveted trophies. He compared the task of playing in a Grand Salm to that of losing a cat losing one of its nine lives.

In the early phase of his career, Djokovic stumbled many times at the highest level, losing close battles against his greatest rivals Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer . But a massive swing in his mental belief and self-drive since the end of the 2010 and start of the 2011 season made him become the player he is today.

Djokovic turned the screw and began winning those decisive matches that have since defined his illustrious career. Back home in Serbia, he’s become an influential figure. It is seldom for Djokovic to speak of his country without mentioning his tough upbringing in the midst of war back in the late 90s.

It is only natural that his success has a sweeter taste to it for aspiring young players in Serbia . Having amassed so many trophies including a record 24 Grand Slams in tennis (tied with Margaret Court in the all-time list), he’s still feeling heavy fan expectations but is content with his current number.

“I’m happy with 24. I know people are, especially in my country, always saying let’s go 25, 30. It’s like, if it was that easy it would be great. I don’t know how it looks but I know how it feels.”

Djokovic as quoted on Eurosport

“I sometimes feel like a cat with nine lives, every time I play a Grand Slam I lose one life. That’s how much energy you need to spend playing & investing the energy not just physically but emotionally & mentally. Just being fully immersed & involved in that competition & now more so than before.”