I’m a professional cleaner – here’s the £1.30 miracle product that’ll instantly remove stubborn stains in your toilet

LET’S face it, if there’s one place you want to look sparkling clean for guests, it’s the bottom of your toilet.

But unfortunately, a build up of stubborn limescale can often leave the bowl with unsightly masks that even hours of scrubbing doesn’t seem to remove.

A professional cleaner has revealed how to remove stubborn toilet stains


A professional cleaner has revealed how to remove stubborn toilet stainsCredit: tiktok/@thecleanupcompany
The cleaning whizz recommends using Harpic Black


The cleaning whizz recommends using Harpic BlackCredit: tiktok/@thecleanupcompany

Well, according to a professional cleaner, there’s a super easy way to get rid of those ghastly stains for good – and it’s all thanks to a £1.30 ‘miracle’ product that’s sold in the likes of Asda.

In a clip shared to TikTok, the cleaning guru begins by showing a snap of a heavily stained toilet, before recommending purchasing a bottle of Harpic toilet cleaner gel.

“If you’ve got any marks like that in your toilet that you can’t get rid of, what you’re going to do is you’re going to get yourself a bottle of Harpic Black,” she explains.

“So what you’re going to do with this is, before you go to bed at night, you’re going to put this all in your toilet, all around the edge, and you’re going to let it sit overnight.”

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The cleaning whizz goes on to note that the longer the product is left to work its magic, the better.

“If you leave it sit for a couple of hours, it’s not going to fully work, so it needs to be left overnight,” she explains.


“So once you’ve let that sit for at least 12 hours, in the morning, when you wake up, you’re going to flush your chain.

“And then to keep on top of these stains, to ensure that they don’t come back, you want to be using bleach on a regular occurrence.”

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The post has since gone viral, racking up a whopping 210k views and several comments from social media users, with many noting how they too, swear by the ‘miracle’ product.

“My toilet was always like this! No matter how much bleach etc I tried to use! Harpic is the only thing that works – the tablets are great too!” enthused one.

A second penned: “That Harpic is the best, leave it overnight, no more limescale it’s brilliant.”

A third praised: “Yep I can vouch for this! Works wonders!”

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: “That’s the only one I’ve ever gotten that’s removed it all!”

Another agreed: “Exactly the one I used a few months ago over night worked a treat.”

A further noted: “Brilliant stuff I take the water out as well so it’s doesn’t dilute it.”

One more chimed in: “Don’t use anything else – I’ve always used this great stuff!”

And it’s not the first time Fabulous has shared cheap and cheerful cleaning hacks.

We previously told how a laundry expert revealed a 25p cleaning hack to banish nasty odours form your clothes.

Cleaning experts at Persil using detergent pods or powder with every wash as you normally would.

Speaking to the Express, they said: “Along with the capsules, add one cup of white vinegar per load of laundry to your washing machine drum.

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“Vinegar is a disinfectant that helps to remove smells.”

Amazon is flogging 5 litres of white vinegar for just £5.50, meaning each cup of vinegar used will cost just 25p, making it a total bargain!