Louisville Had An Offensive Lineman Do A Cartwheel During A Play For Some Reason

The game of football is pretty easy. For a few seconds, a ball is in play. You have to win that seconds-long battle of wills. And then, it ends, and you have to do that, over and over again, with the hopes that your team is going to be able to win enough of these battles of wills. And sometimes, you see an offensive lineman do a cartwheel in the middle of a play, for no reason.

That exact thing happened on Saturday afternoon when Louisville played host to Boston College in an ACC showdown. The Cardinals faced a second-and-7 right near midfield, and in a pretty normal sequence of events, the team’s quarterback, Jack Plummer, opted to run the ball because he didn’t like any of his options down the field. But pay attention to the slot on the near side of the screen, where … this happened.

As you can see, Willie Tyler was lined up in the slot. Tyler is a 6’6, 320 pound offensive lineman who was eligible as a receiver, and after jumping straight up after the ball was snapped, he decided to do a cartwheel.

Why did he do this? Who knows, but more importantly, who cares? I am glad that the big fella enjoyed himself.