Tsitsipas Donates 100,000€ To Flood Victims In His Country

Greece was hit with heavy rain a few weeks ago as a consequence of Storm Daniel and Stefanos Tsitsipas donated a large sum towards flood relief in the country.

Storm Daniel was one of the more devastating European storms in recent memory. It wreaked havoc in Greece, with its effects felt across the ocean in Libya as well. After fires did a lot of damage during the summer, Greece also experienced disastrous flooding recently, which devastated Tsitispas.

He comes from the village of Proastio through his father, a village that was severely hit by the floods, which is what prompted the Greek number one to donate a sizeable amount of money towards flood relief.

The amount of money he donated is 100,000€ as he reflected on the recent happenings on social media. He called upon others to donate as well in order to help those in need.

It’s devastating to witness what our country has been through lately. We have shown true Greek spirit in sticking together as one and helping each other. We must keep giving what we can to help our neighbours, our fellow citizens, everyone affected by the fires and floods. Please join me in raising funds to keep everyone safe and help them return to their beloved homes as soon as possible.

Tsitsipas reflects on the floods and fires in Greece

He was recently on the ground preparing for the Davis Cup tie between Greece and Slovakia. Tsitsipas won his first match but then lost both the singles and doubles on the final day coming up short on securing the win for his country.

One of his biggest dreams is to get Greece into the main group of the Davis Cup, but he’ll have to wait a bit more. For now, he’ll keep getting better and inspiring kids back home to pick up a racquet to inspire the next generation of players.

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