How an Upcoming Supreme Court Ruling Could Benefit Alito Patron

For his part, Alito remains defiant over the notion that the legislative branch exists as a check and balance on his power as a Supreme Court justice. “I know this is a controversial view, but I’m willing to say it. No provision in the Constitution gives them the authority to regulate the Supreme Court—period,” Alito said in a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal.

the American public’s faith in the high court continues to plummet to an
all-time low. In July, a
poll by
Navigator, a progressive messaging and polling firm, asked respondents
which terms best describe the Supreme Court. The top two terms Americans chose
were “corrupt” and “unaccountable.” Rates of disillusionment increase among
younger respondents, with three in five Americans under age 35 choosing

The overturning of Roe v. Wade last year upended the high court’s public reputation as a staid but deliberative body where nonpartisan judges confirmed to lifetime appointments by the Senate did their best to interpret the law with neither political interference nor personal corruption. The Dobbs decision overturning Roe, which was led—and some believe, leaked—by Alito was so widely unpopular that there could be no going back. “This is a crisis of legitimacy for the Senate, for the court, and for democracy,” said Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after the Roe decision leaked last May.