Heels Season 2 Finale Ends on a Shocking Cliffhanger — Did It Make a Strong Enough Case for Season 3?

There was no one more stressed than Jack Spade in Heels’ Season 2 finale, as the fate of the DWL rested on his tired shoulders.

The upcoming cross-promotional event with Gully’s FWD was his last shot at impressing TV executives Brooks Rizzo (played by Josh Segarra) and Jen Lussier (Emmy Raver-Lampman), and merging both companies in a bold move that would ultimately save the DWL from financial peril.

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A flashback at the top of Friday’s finale saw Jack’s father Tom shoot down his attempt at a Shooting Star Press, a dangerous high-flying move from the top rope, insisting it was out of Jack’s skillset and that he should focus on his other strengths.

In the present, Ace continued his work at a nursing home and helped an elderly patient with patience and kindness — traits he seemed incapable of showing earlier in the season. Elsewhere, Willie briefed Staci on Tom’s long-running scam, telling the government he was running a farm and funneling those tax write-offs into the DWL, illustrating just how much danger company was in.

But there was hope in saving it, especially with Gully and Jack signing a contract for their joint event and taking a giant step toward coming together as one. The document also stipulated that parties refuse to take any legal action pertaining to that physical altercation at the end of last season. Additionally, Jack, as a secret agent of the FWD, was supposed to pin Ace (as his wildly popular Condemned persona) in the main event at the Duffy Dome to humiliate Jack on his own turf.

While Jack saw the proposed ending as a blow to Ace’s character, Ace took it in stride and reminded his brother that they can write a new story after that. This Zen Ace was not the same brash and immature guy we first met in the series premiere.

The big event rolled around quickly, and Crystal and Elle Dorado (AJ Mendez) kicked things off in an exhilarating match that had the crowd eating out of their palms. Crystal draw even more heat from the hyped-up audience when she berated fans after pinning Elle in the ring.

Heels Season 2 finaleHeels Season 2 finale

Heels Season 2 finale

The main event played out like a Shakespearean drama with high stakes and unexpected twists. Gully and his goons brutally beat down Ace as part of the storyline and strung him up in the ropes, with Jack heroically showing up to save his brother. But then Jack revealed he was working with Gully this whole time and berated both their deceased father and the DWL, as the crowd booed.

Chaos ensued when wrestlers from both the DWL and FWD went at it, until only Jack and Ace were left in the ring. Soon, the brothers were battling it out one-on-one, effortlessly putting on a entertaining match to close out the show.

In one last surprise, Jack connected with a Shooting Star Press from the top rope — the same move his father maligned him for — but something went wrong when he landed. Jack urged Ace to pin him, not moving from his spot. When Ace demanded he get up, Jack revealed that he couldn’t.

“I’m hurt,” he said.

Understanding what that meant, Ace pinned Jack for the win, which essentially broke his contract with Gully and put the DWL’s future in jeopardy. When Staci asked why he didn’t get up, a choked-up Jack explained, “I can’t feel my legs.”

Did the ending of Heels’ Season 2 finale catch you by surprise? Did it make a strong case for Season 3? (Note: The show has not yet been renewed by Starz.) Grade the episode below, and then share your thoughts in the comments.

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