Stranded leaders, kissed princes and a dog on a bridge – take the Thursday quiz

The quizmaster is back from holiday and so the Thursday quiz can ditch the obtuse pre-written themes and get back to what it is good at – being obtuse but vaguely topical. Fifteen questions on quirky news and general knowledge await you. There are no prizes as it is just for fun, but let us know how you get on in the comments.

The Thursday quiz, No 125

  1. 1.BEAUTIFUL ONES: This is Willow, the official dog of the Guardian Thursday quiz, enjoying her holiday visiting the Clifton suspension bridge in Bristol. Who originally designed it?

    Willow, the miniature dachshund, visits the Clifton suspension bridge

  2. 2.LAZY: Where does the competition take place to be crowned “laziest citizen”?

    A beautiful sloth

  3. 3.SHE: The former Finnish prime minister Sanna Marin has quit politics for a new job where?

    Sanna Marin

  4. 4.STARCRAZY: Which former England footballer (not pictured) kissed Prince William in Pret A Manger in Bournemouth?

    Prince And Princess Of Wales

  5. 5.CAN’T GET ENOUGH: Talking of England, Jude Bellingham starred when England outclassed Scotland at Hampden Park in the 150th anniversary heritage match this week. What was the score?

    Jude Bellingham

  6. 6.LIFE IS GOLDEN: Scientists discovered a mysterious golden orb, described as ‘skin-like’ on the ocean floor off the coast of which US state?

    NOAA Ocean Exploration, Seascape Alaska image of the unidentified specimen

  7. 7.KILLING OF A FLASH BOY: Police were called to attend a suspected mass killing which turned out to be loads of people lying down doing yoga. Where?

    People quietly meditating

  8. 8.INDIAN STRINGS: In the opening lines of its constitution, the country of India is known as India and which other name?

    Narendra Modi

  9. 9.I DON’T KNOW HOW TO REACH YOU: Which G20 leader just got stuck in India after their plane broke down?

    A plane

  10. 10.SHE’S IN FASHION: A life-sized bronze statue of which crime and mystery writer (not pictured) has been unveiled in the Oxfordshire town of Wallingford?

    Detective instinct

  11. 11.FILMSTAR: Los Angeles officials have moved to block the demolition of the house where which famous movie star died?

    Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds

  12. 12.ANIMAL NITRATE: Which of these is the chemical formula for nitric acid (not pictured)?

    A chemical design

  13. 13.CRACK IN THE UNION JACK: True or false – reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (Raac) has been found in the Houses of Parliament in London?

    Palace of Westminster

  14. 14.IT’S ALWAYS THE QUIET ONES: Which tech company has sparked outrage among games developers by threatening to introduce a ‘runtime fee’ when a game utilising its engine is downloaded?

    Games controller

  15. 15.INTRODUCING THE BAND: All the category titles have been references to the indie gods Suede, but which of these facts about the band’s relatives is true?

    Brett Anderson of Suede

If you really do think there has been an egregious error in one of the questions or answers – and can show your working – feel free to email, but remember the quiz master’s word is final and don’t just email with a hunch about something without checking first because it really gets his goat.

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