New NASA UFO Report Says They Have Not Found Evidence of Extraterrestrial Life

After a viral video on social media shows supposed alien bodies in Mexico, NASA released a report that found no evidence of extraterrestrial life. 

A self-proclaimed UFO expert presented alleged thousand-year-old aliens to Mexico’s congress that were said to have been discovered in Peru in 2017. 

The two plaster-like figures with elongated heads and three fingers were presented in coffin-shaped boxes and stirred up the topic of extraterrestrial life. 

NASA’s panel of 16 experts said that after decades of speculation, there has been no evidence of extraterrestrial life. 

Despite the lack of evidence, the scientists don’t dismiss their existence. 

“If you ask me, do I believe there is life in the universe that is so vast that it’s hard for me to comprehend how big it is,” NASA administrator Bill Nelson said. “My personal answer is yes.”

While polls show more than half of adult Americans believe in UFOs, they also believe they are not a threat to national security.

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