Gauff Reveals How Boyfriend Helped Her To Fall Asleep Before US Open Victory

Coco Gauff recently revealed that she has a boyfriend, which surprised many, but he played a vital role in easing her nerves ahead of the 2023 US Open final.

The US Open final wasn’t the first Grand Slam final Coco Gauff played. The first one happened last year in Paris against Iga Swiatek . She couldn’t sleep at all before that final, and obviously, it impacted her level the following day.

This time around that didn’t happen and it’s thanks to her boyfriend who helped her fall asleep the night before. Many didn’t even know that Gauff had a boyfriend until recently , as she generally keeps that part of her life private.

“He asked if I wanted to talk about it, and I was like, ‘No,’ Everything except that. I was like, ‘OK, it’s 1, so I have to go to sleep if I actually want to be productive tomorrow.’ I went to sleep. My last time I was in a Grand Slam final I couldn’t sleep the whole night, but talking to him helped me go to sleep.”

It’s a very wholesome story that Gauff elected to share with people. After all, she did look very relaxed in that match, never showing any kind of nerves, which was impressive to see. She was the player with less experience, but you wouldn’t have known that by the way she carried herself.

Even after Sabalenka jumped out to an early lead and almost broke in the second set, Gauff kept her composure and finished off the job. Having had a good night’s sleep certainly helped, and it’s all thanks to her boyfriend.

Now, she can enjoy some time away from tennis as she recharges her batteries ahead of what she hopes will be a great conclusion to her year. We don’t know what event she’ll play next, but it’s unlikely to be the Guadalajara WTA 1000 event.

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