Development update September 2023

Development update September

After publishing the Steam page and trailer of the game, there have been many improvements in the game. I decided it’s time to tell more about these and also about some other planned features.

Visual improvements

More animations have been added, like an attack animation.
And now the default sword actually looks like a Teleporter Sword.

teleporter sword

Some other effects and animations have been added too, like water splashing when walking on water.

Shop and inventory

Finally I was able to implement the inventory system.

From the shop you can buy and equip swords and other equipment. You can also change the color of the penguin.

inventory ss english

The equipment you get from the store will not only improve your stats, but also it will change the clothes/sword the penguin has. Unfortunately, I will not be able to implement the stats system in time for the demo (coming soon). The demo will also only have a very small equipment selection. But I’m working on it!


This game was supposed to have a very simple story, but it ended up being pretty deep. The ending I’m currently writing is quite interesting, at least in my opinion. But I will have to ask the opinion of testers before I can say for sure (^_^;)

story ss english

There are some cutscenes like in the image here. Aside from these, you can find paper notes that your father wrote in the basement floors. They slowly reveal more about the story.


A demo of the game will be available during the next Steam Next Fest. It will probably have 30 hand-designed levels to show how the game is played.

While waiting for the demo, you can add the game to your wishlist on Steam.

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