Djokovic Dismisses Retirement Talks Until He ‘Gets His Ass Kicked’

Novak Djokovic is not thinking about retirement, and why should he? He’s in the US Open final with a chance to win his 24th Grand Slam trophy.

Novak Djokovic is obviously up there in age, and he’s closer to retirement than to his best years, but he’s playing so well that it really doesn’t matter. He’s won two Grand Slams already this year , with a chance to make it three at the US Open.

He doesn’t seem to slow down physically either, so any talk about retirement just seems silly at the moment. Still, he talked about it after his semifinal win at the 2023 US Open against Ben Shelton.

I mean, I don’t know. It probably sounds cocky or arrogant, but I’m not really surprised, because I know how much work and dedication and energy I put into trying to be in this position, so I know that I deserve this. I always believe in myself, in my own capabilities, you know, in my skills, in my quality as a tennis player to be able to deliver when it matters.

So I’m not really surprised, to be honest with you. Because I feel good. Physically I have been as fit or as prepared, as strong as, I don’t want to say as ever, but, I mean, as I have been in the years and years. So age is just a number, that phrase is resonating at the moment with me.

Beyond dismissing talk about retiring from the sport, Djokovic hinted at when it might happen – when the young guys smack him on the tennis court. We’re not there yet, as evidenced by his most recent match at the US Open .

You know, I just don’t see a reason for that. I will probably consider doing that if I get my ass kicked by young guys in the Grand Slams in the years to come in the earlier stages, and then I’ll probably say, okay, maybe it’s time to move on. But so far, you know, I still feel that I’m in the game.