Marlins ballboy has total brainfart, throws live ball into stands

We all have a bad day at work sometimes, even if you’re a ballboy. On Thursday night a member of the Marlins’ crew committed the cardinal sin of being a ballboy.

The poor guy just seemed really amped to have an opportunity to throw a ball into the stands. The issue was that it was still live, after being hit fair by Freddie Freeman. So, instead of giving the Marlins a chance at recording an out, it gifted Freeman a franchise record tying 52nd double of the season.

As soon as the moment happened the ballboy knew he messed up.

Think about it: He was probably sitting in his seat all night long, hoping he’d have a chance to toss a foul ball into the stands and become a hero for a moment — then when it was finally time to spring into action he was ready. You get overwhelmed at a point like that, and sure, maybe you even forget that you shouldn’t be picking it up.

We’ve ALL screwed up like this, so it’s nice to know the ballboy isn’t facing serious punishment.

I hope the next ball is foul for you, buddy.