I’m 50 but look way younger – my instant anti-aging makeup routine includes five areas to ‘avoid like the plague’

A CELEBRITY makeup artist has revealed the biggest beauty industry secrets for creating the illusion of a more youthful appearance.

Kat James (@shinebykatjames) used a selection of her favorite products as she demonstrated tips for women over 40. 

Kat James is a skincare and beauty expert who often shares advice for women over 40


Kat James is a skincare and beauty expert who often shares advice for women over 40Credit: TikTok/shinebykatjames

She has amassed over 907,000 followers on TikTok with regular posts sharing skincare and beauty advice.

The 50-year-old, who is often mistaken for being years younger than her age, took to the social media platform with her advice for applying makeup. 

She said: “The do’s and don’ts of makeup over 40, this will become your Bible.

“When you’re applying your bronzer avoid the temple. 

“As we age and you can clearly see on this 50-year-old, we hollow in our temples so you want to avoid that area with bronzer.  

“Do it along your cheeks that’s going to be beautiful, definitely along that jawline to add some definition, and up here is the area you want to hit on your forehead.”

Kat showed herself lightly applying bronzer on her cheeks, jawline, and towards her hairline.

She said: “Next up lipliner, avoid taking your lipliners all the way to the corners.

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“As we age the corners of our mouths start to turn down, if you put lip liner in the corners of your mouth you’re emphasizing that downturn.”

The MUA used a pink pencil to line her lips while leaving a small space from the corner to demonstrate the best position to start.

Kat explained that she likes to use the pencil to add a little filler to her bottom lip while still having a natural look.

She continued: “Highlighter will emphasize fine lines and texture so be very careful with the placement.

“Do not place it where you have crow’s feet.

“What I would do is scrunch and then go just underneath where you have those fine lines and texture. It’s perfect every time.

“When it comes to over 40 I like to pull the mascara out to the side because it gives you that winged cat-eye look.

“As you know, it gets harder and harder to use a liner to do that because of crepey on the lid.”

Kat transformed the shape of her eyes and lengthened her lashes as she demonstrated using mascara to lightly pull her eyelashes outwards.

She continued: “When it comes to blush placement when it comes to my over 40 queens, I like to start on the outer corner of the eye.

“Make a line down and then go back, it just gives you a beautiful lifted look.” 

Kat advised women to avoid putting bronzer on their temples


Kat advised women to avoid putting bronzer on their templesCredit: TikTok/shinebykatjames

The video went viral with over 840,000 views and commenters thanked Kat after trying her anti-aging makeup tips for themselves. 

One person wrote: “Just tried the mascara tip and wow! What a game changer.”

Another commented: “I’m 46 and your videos have me thriving!! Thank you.”

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A third said: “Finally! I scream at my phone every time a 20-something-year-old makeup influencer contours/bronzes their temples.”

A fourth wrote: “Wow great tips. I’ll be 49 in a few months & these techniques really help.” 

Kat demonstrated how blusher can be used to achieve a lifted look


Kat demonstrated how blusher can be used to achieve a lifted lookCredit: TikTok/shinebykatjames