I made my skin glow without using fake tan or make-up – my 10p hack is good for your body, but doctors say to be careful

A WOMAN has revealed the simple 10p hack she uses to get a natural glow without the use of fake tan or make-up… But doctors have warned people to be careful. 

Isabelle Lux took to her social media account to share the hack with her 515,900 followers, explaining that she’s been doing it for three years and it’s worked wonders for her. 

A woman has encouraged people to eat carrots for a natural glow


A woman has encouraged people to eat carrots for a natural glowCredit: TikTok/isabelle.lux
Isabelle said she's been doing it for years


Isabelle said she’s been doing it for yearsCredit: TikTok/isabelle.lux
Isabelle shared three photos of what her skin used to look like


Isabelle shared three photos of what her skin used to look likeCredit: TikTok/isabelle.lux

She shared the hack after seeing a video of a woman sunbathing and complaining: “Can they like make a pill that just makes you naturally tan?” 

Dressed in a grey jumper with her hair braided into sections, Isabelle then came onto the screen holding a carrot. 

“Bestie,” she said. “Just eat three large carrots a day. I’ve been doing this for years.

“I don’t fake tan anymore, I don’t go out during the day in the sunlight…” 

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She then shared three photos of herself as a child, where her skin appeared considerably paler. 

“And this is my natural skin colour – pale and pink like Peppa Pig… trust me,” she added as the video came to an end. 

In the caption, TikTok user @isabelle.lux added: “Just eat your carrots… Self tanning hack and trick.” 

People flocked to the comments to share their thoughts on her hack as one person wrote: “I started drinking carrot juice and seriously has changed my life.”

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Another said: “This is true when I was younger I used to eat a lot of carrots to the point I turned orange,” followed by two crying with laughter emojis.

While a third added: “My mum got addicted to carrots and was having a bag of carrots a day and literally turned bright orange”.

Experts have confirmed that when you eat lots of carrots for a prolonged period of time, it can actually make you glow and give you an orange, tan-like hue. 

The tan is due to carotenemia, which is the medical term to describe yellow-orange skin pigmentation due to high carotene levels in the blood. 

The condition of carotenemia is not inherently dangerous, but it can cause issues when it comes to other health conditions. 

According to Dr Duane Mellor, a dietitian at Aston University, it’s important that “if someone notices their skin is changing colour that they are screened for other conditions”. 

He told LBC: “Some individuals have genetic changes which means they are less able to convert beta-carotene to vitamin A, so need to make sure they consume enough foods rich in vitamin A such as cheese and eggs.”

Some people on TikTok have also claimed beta-carotene can protect the skin against sunlight. 

But consultant dermatologist and British Skin Foundation spokesperson Dr Emma Wedgeworth has debunked this myth. 

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She explained that it simply doesn’t provide enough protection against UV exposure and cannot replace sunscreen. 

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