Inside UK’s creepiest car graveyard where iconic £50,000 race cars are left to ROT in piles of decaying metal

CREEPY snaps have revealed iconic £50k race cars left to rot in a graveyard among piles of decaying metal.

The vintage vehicles were found in an abandoned airport in southwest Manchester.

Dozens Triumph cars have been left to rot in an abandoned airport


Dozens Triumph cars have been left to rot in an abandoned airportCredit: UrbanGhostMedia
The classic sports cars are worth more than £50,000 (stock image)


The classic sports cars are worth more than £50,000 (stock image)Credit: Classic Trader

A look inside shows the decaying vehicles dumped in a macabre parking full of dirt, rusty metal and overgrown grass.

The collection includes dozens of valuable models from the The Triumph Motor Company – including TR4s, Mike Mueller and Spitfires with California plates.

What were once the most demanded cars in the market have been left to rot in what seems a haunted motors graveyard.

The British motor manufacturer – which is currently owned by BMW – was once among the top vehicle companies in the motors industry.

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Business was soaring in the 1990s as there was a huge demand for Triumphs cars – with the iconic TR 5 PI the top seller.

The rare red vinyl car boasts a powerful 150 SAE bhp engine and a interior trimmed with white and black carpet.

The classic sports car is worth over an eye-watering £50,000.

But the models were eventually put out of circulation leaving them out of market for years.

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According to reports, a British cars company bought hundreds of them were from the US and imported them back to the UK to resell them.

However, as drivers’ interest dwindled, the company tragically abandoned the vintage vehicles for parts in the spooky graveyard.

Although some survived the pass of time in “decent shape” and “rust free”, others looked had just a skeleton of engine and seats.

A saddened car lover claimed the pictures were a “tragedy” for the motors community.

David Frank said: “What I mean by tragedy is that it all went to the crusher without saving anything except the Mike Mueller car.

“That area has all been cleared and redeveloped. It could have been a gold mine of mechanical parts. Too bad someone didn’t snap it up.”

Another motors enthusiast said: “I guess it’s sad, but really no different than an American junkyard full of classics.

“I’m sure, these cars in England are just as common as Ford’s and Chevy’s here.”

But other car experts claimed the abandoned airport is a mine of opportunities for mechanical car parts.

A driver said: “It’s a gold mine of mechanical parts, and rest assured, someone will snap this up, mostly for that. Lots of stuff there.”

It comes as another man found a creepy abandoned car graveyard in the middle of a forest, including a replica of the famous Scooby Doo Mystery Machine van.

Ashley Urbex took to social media to show his followers the classic cars he found in a secret location in the UK.

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Elsewhere, hundreds of electric cars were left to rot in eerie graveyards that have been springing up across China.

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