Delicious Devlog #9 – UI Testing and Programming Update


Hello Everyone!

This is our 9th weekly Delicious Devlog, updated every Tuesday!

In today’s devlog, we’re going to show our progress in the UI for the game, which consists of our early concept for the entirety of what we’ll need, and we’ll also share a link so you can give us your opinion on it! Lastly, we also have a small update for the programming side of the game, including items coming down with the lever!

UI (User Interface)

Last week, we presented our flowchart for the UI of our game and so, this week, we’ll show you an early concept we have for the entirety of it.

We start off with the Main Menu screen, where we’ll have the usual start game, options and quit buttons along with a credits button. Alongside this, on the right side of the screen, you’ll see the main feature of our game, the ramp periodically sending out random items!

UI - Main Menu

You’ll notice some of the menus’ visuals aren’t completely finished, since as we said, this is only an early concept for the necessary UI and we mostly want to know everything we need and get feedback on how it looks structure wise and what else we might require but do tell us any ideas you might have!

UI - Sound Options

Going into the game itself, you’ll see what we presented last week with our bullshot, showing the player and customers, as well as the mood bar of the customers and the current day and money.

UI - In-game

Regarding the money and day counter, we have already designed an updated look, so tell us what you think!

UI - Day and Money Update

For the pause screen, we have the usual buttons to resume or restart the game, along with the options and quit to main menu buttons.

UI - Pause Screen

Here we have the option to select an item to go on sale, which in this testing version is tied to the cash register but in the final game, will happen after a certain amount of days and will allow the player to get more of that item and have the customers ask for it more too!

UI - Sale Day

Finally, we have a look at our game over or the “You got fired!” screen, which will happen when the mood bar reaches its maximum point and where the player will be shown how much money they accumulated and how many days they lasted, along with a sad picture of Jenny! 😢

We hope you give her another try to cheer her up! 🙂


If you want to go through it yourself and see the rest, leave us your opinion in our testing survey, which includes a link for you to try it out! We would very much appreciate your feedback!

Candy Shop Rush – UX Testing Survey

Programming Update

We now have a new member working with us on our game, Carolina Póvoas! As you might have noticed in our studio page and they’re already working on some of the mechanics we needed, like having the multiple random tiered items coming down the ramp as we push the lever! Here’s a bit of that in action.

We hope to provide programming updates a little quicker from now on, so hopefully you’ll have some more in the coming weeks! We can’t wait to show a working prototype soon.

And that’s a wrap!

With this, we end our Delicious Devlog for today! We hope you enjoy our progress!

Join us next Tuesday to know more about what we’re working on and let us know your opinions and suggestions, we’d love to hear your feedback! Check out our previous Delicious Devlogs HERE!

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See you next week! – Secret Coin Studios