Brooks Koepka was clapping like a gleeful serial killer at the Panthers game

I don’t know how serial killers celebrate. I’ve never seen one clapping or experiencing joy. That said, I have to imagine it looks exactly like Brooks Koepka did on Monday night as he watched Hurricanes vs. Panthers.

There’s something deeply, viscerally unsettling about man clapping endlessly, without blinking, wearing only a blank star of psychotic fascination. The weirdest part of this might be that Brooks’ clapping didn’t come at a moment anyone else was clapping either. This was right before a random faceoff. That’s why everyone else is just sitting and watching while he’s clapping like a total weirdo.

Maybe the PGA Championship took it out of him. Perhaps Koepka thought if he blinked he’d fall asleep during a hockey game. I wouldn’t necessarily blame him for being sleepy too, but honestly, at this point I’d rather just watch Brooks sleep than see him clap like this ever again.

This a celebration of nightmares.

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