Lauren Boebert’s Husband Insists That ‘Security Footage’ Will Disprove A Process Server’s Allegations About His Response To Divorce Papers

Lauren Boebert’s divorce filing surprised a lot of people last week, and when those papers were served, they apparently shocked Jayson Boebert, her husband of two decades, too. Boebert has swiftly moved on to seemingly important matters like criticizing hoodies, although she did take a few moments to point out that Jayson wouldn’t drink Bud Light while both husband and wife denied a process server’s account of his allegedly hostile response to those papers.

Jayson is still talking, this time to Westword, in which he declared that Boebert’s congressional tenure thus far has “been a difficult time,” since the two are now so busy, and also works “long hours and I take care of our boys.” He further insists that no infidelity is to blame for the split, and he told Westword that “security footage” will prove that he didn’t explode with anger toward that process server:

“I opened the door to greet the gentleman,” Jayson says. “He looked familiar like an old buddy. My dogs greeted him like they do with everyone. No threat to him. The process server approached me and said don’t shoot the messenger. I was not drinking. I was not cleaning a gun. There was no guns around. I then closed the door after I told him he was trespassing.”

According to Jayson, there are “signs all over” the driveway leading to the house where he was staying warning people about trespassing. “I said to him, ‘Don’t make me call the sheriff’ and walked into my basement,” he recalls. “I was not angry, I didn’t even know what it was about. I have security footage of this event that has been sent to attorneys.”

As Westword mentions, Jayson Boebert ran afoul of the law nearly two decades ago, including his arrests for indecent exposure and domestic violence. Lauren also wrote of “anger management” in the context of Jayson while penning her 2022 memoir, My American Life, which declared that Jayson “needed the alcohol and anger management classes” that were part of his plea deal on the indecent exposure charges. Jayson, for his part, appears to be maintaining that he’s long since turned over a new leaf and will be vindicated by that security footage. Last week, Lauren also claimed that recent reports of a tantruming Jayson running over a neighbor’s mailbox are false.

(Via Westword)