Rays player tries to bunt, gets hit in the nuts instead

What should have been a routine bunt by Luke Raley went atrociously, horribly, ball-bustingly bad on Wednesday.

Raley was facing down Adam Ottavino of the Mets in a close game when he tried to bunt. Far be it from me to ascribe blame to anyone who gets hit in the nuts, but … he kinda deserved it? Look, I’m not saying he deserved to get hit — but ask any baseball coach and they’ll tell you not to open up your lower half on an attempt like this. You’re just begging for something like this to happen, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Thankfully Raley and his beans were fine, despite taking a curve directly to the groin. Every moment in line is an opportunity to learn, and hopefully next time it’s Raley’s turn to bunt he won’t put his jewels in harm’s way.

The Rays would go on to lose 8-7.