Savvy gardeners share the best cheap tricks to get rid of pesky dandelions from your lawn without spending a penny

AS THE weather warms up more of us will be looking to spending time in our gardens.

But if you want to make the most of the warm weather you probably don’t want any weeds or dandelions spoiling the look of your lawn.

Dandelions can spread across your garden if they're not removed


Dandelions can spread across your garden if they’re not removedCredit: Getty

That’s why gardening fans from the Gardening UK group on Facebook shared some of their top tips to get rid of the pesky weeds for good.

This came after one user asked for advice on getting rid of dandelions in their own garden.

They wrote: “I tried using a child and pet-friendly natural lawn feed. We have pets so don’t want to use anything with too many chemicals.

“The grass is covered in dandelions but these seem to grow quite spindly and with a red/orange flower on them. Any suggestions would be appreciated.”

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Luckily, the gardening fans had some good advice that wouldn’t harm any wildlife or break the bank.

One suggested: “Spend time mowing the lawn then digging up the weeds, they are quite individual so easy enough to do. Then just rough up the bare soil patches and re-seed. 

“If you take out the odd ones you see in the future before they seed, you’ll get them under control.”

Another said you should “deadhead” dandelions after they flower to stop them spreading.

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To do this, just use a sharp pair of scissors or garden sheets and cut the dandelions at the bottom of the stem.

“Also it’s worth mowing the grass first if you are planning to dig up the dandelions, they added.

And someone else told the gardener to use a fork to pull each one out.

“It takes a bit of practice to get the hang of it, but you can hand weed dandelion from lawn really effectively. 

“If you get under the root with a pitchfork – or even a hand fork if it fits – you can easily pull the weed out in one piece, root and all, so it doesn’t grow back.

“Then just step on the sod you’ve pried up to push it back into place,” they explained.