Rishi Sunak announces new deal with Europe to tackle Channel migrants crisis

RISHI Sunak last night announced a new deal with Europe to tackle the Channel migrants crisis.

He said British and EU border teams would be developing a “new working arrangement”.

PM Rishi Sunak announced a new deal with EU bosses to tackle the Channel migrant crisis


PM Rishi Sunak announced a new deal with EU bosses to tackle the Channel migrant crisisCredit: Getty

It came after the PM held talks with European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen.

No10 said: “They agreed to strengthen cooperation on migration.

“UK and EU teams will now discuss the details and operationalisation of this new working arrangement.”

Mr Sunak said: “I am not going to rest until I stop the boats.

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“We have seen stepped-up coordination with the French, and I think that shows we are able to work with other countries.”

Earlier, Mr Sunak had turned up the heat on EU judges who blocked Rwanda migrant flights.

He called on the European Court of Human Rights to be fair.

Mr Sunak is demanding a change to Rule 39 which stops the expulsion or extradition of people — and threatens his vow to end Channel crossings.

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He told the Council of Europe summit in Iceland that the UK had a long track record of leading reform at the ECHR.

But his call for an overhaul was rebuffed.

Iceland foreign affairs minister Thordis Gylfadottir said: “The time we have, we are not using to reform certain articles in the court.”