I’m a fashion fan – I invented a wardrobe hack to make my trousers fit better & all you need is a 20p buy

A FASHION fan has invented a brand new hack to ensure those trousers that are a little baggy fit perfectly. 

And the best part is you only need a 20p buy to make it happen – and everyone agrees it’s a game changer. 

The fashion fan said her trousers were too baggy around the waist


The fashion fan said her trousers were too baggy around the waistCredit: TikTok/@misshallahan
So she decided to use a particular hair band


So she decided to use a particular hair bandCredit: TikTok/@misshallahan

Social media user Miss Shallahan said she was fed up with having trousers in her wardrobe that didn’t fit properly around the waist.

But she stumbled across a hack that would make that a thing of the past and revealed all on her TikTok account @missshallahan

Miss Shallahan told her 25.1k followers: “OMG wardrobe hack for suit wearers.”

She then continued: “OK, I think I’ve just invented a new wardrobe hack.”

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The style lover then held out her trousers to show how they gaped at the top.

She explained: “So these suit trousers are far too big for me, but I will be wearing a blazer over these, just to preface this.

“So, as you can see, they’re way too big.

“I was literally going into my drawer to grab a hair bobble to try and do a little tie on the back – and then I realised I had one of these hair bobbles with the hooks either end as I used to do hair styling.”

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The TikToker gave her followers a closer look, as she revealed the elastic band with two plastic hooks.

These can be bought from plenty of places, including Amazon, in packets of 40 for £8.99 – making them just over 20p each.

She carried on: “So I am hooking [one side of the hair tie] into my belt loop, and then hooking the other one into the other belt loop.”

As she demonstrated the nifty trick, social media users could see that Miss Shallahan had managed to pull the trousers together at the top, creating the perfect fit that would remain in place all day. 

She concluded: “Look at that! Now they’re actually fitting me – I won’t be pulling them up all day long.

“And then, as I say, I’m wearing a suit so my blazer is going to cover the back. How perfect.”

And her followers were in agreement that it is a great tip to have up your sleeves.

One commented on the post: “Omg I was wearing my suit trousers with a bobble and it kept popping out every time I bent down.

“I need this little thing!!! Genius.”

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While a second joined the conversation and said: “That’s genius.” 

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All you have to do is hook the band to the belt loops


All you have to do is hook the band to the belt loopsCredit: TikTok/@misshallahan
And soon you'll have perfectly fitting trousers


And soon you’ll have perfectly fitting trousersCredit: TikTok/@misshallahan

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