Version 3.0 Coming Soon!

3.0 Is coming and its our biggest release ever!

Alpha testing was a huge success and 3.0 is a direct reflection of testing feedback. We’re making the system easier to use, making it more fun to create, and shoving enough AI into the system to cause a singularity.

Boring feature lists below, but check out our test cyberpunk scene after the newest graphical overhaul!

Cyberpunk Test

Below, these are all features that will be completed and tested by 6/1/23 and we’ll provide updates here over the next two weeks with more screenshots and videos as pieces are tested!

For now – here’s the current upgrade list!

  • UI
    • Edit Mode -> Edit Wizard (Shown in all screenshots)
    • FOG – Height, Alpha, Sky, Noise, Density, etc (1)
    • Post Processing – Bloom, Ambient Occlusion, Chromatic Aberration (2)
    • New Placement and Confirmation Interface (3)
    • Tutorials – Home Creator, Decorator, World Creator (SS Coming soon!)
    • Contextual Creators (NPC Creator, Weapon Creator, Loot Creator, etc) (4)
    • Object and SubObject Manipulation: Material Editing, Color Mapping, New Material Creation (Stable Diffusion) (5)
    • Copy adjacent – Make building fences, walls, or linked objects easier! (SS Coming soon!)
  • Functionality
    • Driving – realistic sim driving and car damage (SS Coming soon!)
    • Realtime destruction and damage (SS Coming soon!)
    • Audio and visual effects for edit wizard action like Place Item, Load Asset, etc
    • Rivers, Water Volumes, Waves, Bouyancy, Current (6)
    • Replaced “Elevator” Loader with “Aether” – an “Assassins Creed-esque” loading area to allow movement and fun while loading assets (SS Coming soon!)
    • AI Creation (SS Coming soon!)
      • Use predefined assets or create completely new configurations
      • All NPC, Enemy AI is simulation driven, you just drag sliders and change numbers to control the personality!
      • Create backstories and make your AI Talk (Yes, even audibly!)*
      • Easier to place many AIs, create spawers, and apply changes
    • Audio In / Out – Speak vocally to AIs and have them respond verbally (And not in 20 seconds!)
  • Cities (SS Coming soon!)
    • Tutorial Homes now populate cityscapes
    • Players have option to walk a city or go straight to games
  • AI (SS Coming soon!)
    • Platform AI (Jason) Integrated to provide Dynamic Conversational AI in realtime (<250ms response time text, <1.5s audio)
    • ChatGPT4 Integrated to allow “Prompt Driven” NPC Backstory creation. (Backstories can be edited and changed, then submitted. Platform AI will take over to provide the realtime responses)
    • LLM Models for applying appropriate vernacular to period specific NPCS
    • * Stable Diffusion For Material Generation, Hero Images, “Box Art”, In Game Posters/Decals
    • (IN R&D) AI Driven room, level, scene creation


1. Fog And CloudsFog and Haze

2. Post Processing
Post Processing

3. Object Placement and ConfirmationNew Placement and Confirmation

4. Contexual CreatorNPC Creator

5. Material EditorMaterial Editor

6. Rivers and WaterRivers and Water

We hope you’re at least interested by this point!

We know IndieDB is where Indie Developers of all scales show off their goodies and as such, we will mostly use this platform to specifically interact with the developer community.

As a UGC Platform – we live and die by the quality of the games created on our platform, and this seems like a great place to start finding our new best friends!

Unity Devs/Game Developers – if you’re working on a game and you’re having problems getting it finished, or are just starting out and lack deep engineering expertise, consider shooting us a message. We are actively seeking partners in the indie dev community to port their existing games entirely into our platform. We would love to help you move your game into the platform and take advantage of all of the out-of-the-box features you would get!

  • No Code Behaviors – Drop downs, AI Assistance and no code functions
  • We are on PS5 / PSVR2 – Monetize your game on more platforms than just steam!
  • VR Works out of the box – we do all the conversions in the project for you (even UIs as needed)
  • Networking – Scalable real time UDP networking comes for free and requires no configuration, you can totally control how your game loads!
  • Raytracing – We do all the configurations at runtime to update shaders, etc, to HDRP – your game will look better than you ever thought possible!
  • Drag And Drop within Unity – If you’re a unity developer, you can literally drag and drop your entire game (minus the code) straight into the platform, tied right to your account. We provide a Unity plugin that does everything for you!

There are so many more advantages to choosing the Platform to publish your game with. Additionally, we have successfully closed an angel round of funding and are leveraging those new connections to secure awesome partnerships!

An official Developer Beta Link will be coming soon. (Pre-registration for June Beta starts soon) But if you can’t wait and want to know more, shoot us a message.

We would love to talk!

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