Dev Log 7 – Character personalities and dialogue

Hello Friends!

In this devlog we will be showcasing a bit of the dialogues and personalities of each NPC in our game!

In our game, we wanted the NPCs to all have different personalities that would become apparent right away to the player. For that to happen, dialogue needs to show that through different expressions, mannerisms, etc.

Let´s start with the Red Panda!

image 2023 05 13 204058146

Our Red Panda is a lovely guy who loves to help everyone out. He is easily scared and a little confused most of the time. He loves selling his fish to the different people that come visit the harbor!

To reflect that, we aimed for a more round shape overall. This shape is often associated with being cute, friendly and harmless.

We wanted this character to also have a bit of the “red panda” personality, so whenever he’s selling fish and you try talking to him, he will turn to you and act startled, like red pandas do!

oops uh oh

Next, we have the Kimono Seller!

image 2023 05 13 204843471

We wanted her to be more distant and uninterested by the main character. She is cold and unavailable to everything, except that she has a secret crush on the Red Panda!
She behaves like she has a god-complex. Since Foxes are usually related to being the messengers of certain gods in Japanese mythology.

To try to reflect that, we chose a more triangular body shape overall to reflect her personality and her overall mood of superiority and being unavailable.

She will always give you the cold shoulder, except if you mention the Red Panda, which will then make her feel flustered and embarrassed.

The Boat Repair tech and the black market seller

image 2023 05 13 205609851image 2023 05 13 205633329

These two characters, although being really different, are supposed to be the same character, who has a personality disorder and pretends to be two different people.

Because they are the same cat playing two distinct parts, we needed their dialogue to be completely different from one another so that they are easily distinct in their own way.

For the boat repair tech, we wanted to have a crazy dialogue, saying things that do not make sense sometimes and getting confused with himself at times. For this to happen, we want the dialogues in our game to play differently for him.
When he talks, he will always be screaming and saying things he shouldn’t. His dialogue might look something like this, with alternating lowercase and upper case letters and with the letters shaking to represent him screaming!

image 2023 05 13 210505718

As for his counterpart, the sketchy black market seller, we wanted for him to always be super suspicious of everything, being careful to see if anyone else is listening to his conversation at all times.
For that to pass to the player, he will always act super sketched out and always talk whispering.
His dialogue might look something like this!

image 2023 05 13 211112144

Using these different tactics, we believe that our characters will always be distinguished from one another and the player will be able to know a lot about the different personalities in the island!

This is all for today! We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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With love, Crimson Capy