She gives, and She takes. Lady Bliss – her Curses & Blessings

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Today, we’re thrilled to bring you closer to one of the most intriguing characters you’ll have a chance to meet in Liberte: Lady Bliss.


Lady Bliss: An Otherworldy Beauty

Lady Bliss is a mysterious woman who knows when and where to arrive. 😉 Her presence in the game adds a unique twist to the gameplay, as she bestows both curses and blessings in the form of offerings upon the players.



As the game progresses, players will come across various curses bestowed on them by Lady Bliss. Curses can range from dealing less damage to enemies to creating deadly beams around all foes. While these curses may seem like a hindrance, they also add an element of strategy and unpredictability to the game, forcing players to adapt and think on their feet.



Before players set off to explore Paris’s beautiful and dangerous streets, Lady Bliss offers them a choice of one out of two random offerings. These offerings can grant various advantages, such as greater speed or additional armor at the start of the game. Players must carefully weigh their options and choose the offering that best suits their playstyle.


An Adventure in a Dangerous City

In Liberte, players navigate the war-torn streets of Paris, facing numerous challenges and enemies along the way. With the help of Lady Bliss’s offerings, which boost players at the beginning of the game, and the ability to adapt to her curses, players will experience a thrilling and unique adventure every time they set their feet on the cobblestone of the troubled city.

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