Vet’s urgent warning to dog owners as pet nearly dies from inhaling seed on walk

A VET has issued a warning to dog owners after a pet nearly died from inhaling a seed on a walk.

Dog lovers are being urged to keep an eye on their pet as we approach the summer months and grass seeds become more common.

Vets are warning dog owners about a seed, most common in summer, which could kill


Vets are warning dog owners about a seed, most common in summer, which could killCredit: Shutterstock

They are small, pointy seeds attached to the tops of long grass stems.

The seeds are more likely to be a risk for dogs as the weather improves and walks through fields become regular.

They’re often found in meadows and wooded areas too.

It comes after one pup nearly died and needed extensive surgery.

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Arlo, one, had to undergo operations on his chest and abdomen to remove a large amount of the seeds after coming into contact with them on a walk.

After becoming seriously ill, a vet discovered Arlo had a large abscess which was caused by the plant matter.

Arlo’s vet Inês Gordo told WiltshireTimes: “We would always urge dog owners to be mindful of the risks of grass seeds when walking their dogs.

“It can be common for dogs to inhale grass seeds but if a dog begins coughing shortly after running through fields and meadows, we would encourage owners to take them to their vets for a precautionary check.”

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Arlo’s owner Tina Clark, from Chippenham, Wiltshire, said she feared for her furry friend’s life.

She said: “When I first received the diagnosis I was devastated.

“I was heartbroken. Arlo was so young and I was worried I could lose him.”

Arlo has now gone on to make a full recovery following the terrifying ordeal.

The best thing to do is check your pup’s fur after a sunny walk and give them a hose down.

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