I have big boobs – I’m called rude names but just cause they’re a certain size doesn’t mean they’re up for grabs

A WOMAN has revealed the rude name she gets called due to her large chest.

Sharing her troubles on social media, she also asserted that the size of her boobs doesn’t serve as consent for those who try to get handsy.

A woman with a large chest has shared that she's heard mean words due to her boobs


A woman with a large chest has shared that she’s heard mean words due to her boobsCredit: TikTok/ jasmynnadine
She says that having a large chest doesn't mean they're up for grabs


She says that having a large chest doesn’t mean they’re up for grabsCredit: TikTok/ jasmynnadine

“Having naturally big boobs,” Jasmyn (@jasmynnadine) wrote in her TikTok video.

She then let viewers into her world and shared what the reality of living with a large chest is like.

“Being told you look like a sl*t even in a turtleneck,” she finished off, revealing what’s been said to her in the past.

Social media users flooded her comments with words of encouragement.

“They just jealous baby girl,” one wrote.

“Told by jealous people no doubt, you look amazing,” added a second.

“You are you and that is beautiful,” a third person chimed in.

Someone else took a stance about how women are treated in society.

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“Yeah, women are just disrespected for existing in society. It’s honestly so disgusting and needs to change,” they commented.

To which Jasmyn responded: “Seriously, it’s one thing to flaunt yourself and act a certain way. But just cause my boobs are a certain size, does not mean they’re up for grabs.”

An additional user suggested that Jasmyn may simply be around the wrong people due to the type of comments her chest elicited.

“Mayhaps you’re hanging around the wrong people,” they wrote.

Jasmyn responded, suggesting it wasn’t people she knew: “You know it tends to happen while I’m minding my own business and a stranger just wants to ruin my day.”