I’m a pro hairdresser – 5 styles which instantly makes you look 10 years younger and are perfect for summer

FROM expensive creams to cosmetic surgery, people fork out thousands every year in a bid to try and look younger.

But hairdresser Inanch Emir has revealed how you can knock at least 10 years off your appearance – and it all comes down to how you style your hair.

Maya Jama has recently been spotted rocking natural beach waves


Maya Jama has recently been spotted rocking natural beach wavesCredit: Getty
Rochelle Humes is one of the latest star's to join the choppy lob with waves crew


Rochelle Humes is one of the latest star’s to join the choppy lob with waves crewCredit: Rex

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, the hair whizz has shared five tips and styles that’ll make you look younger – and they’re all perfect for summer, too…


Blake Lively is also a fan of the beach curl look


Blake Lively is also a fan of the beach curl lookCredit: Getty

She’s the woman of the moment and Maya Jama is the perfect example of someone rocking natural beach waves, according to Inanch.

“With a small amount of leave in conditioner and de-tangler, she can be beach ready in no time,” the pro hairdresser explains.

“Blake Lively and Jennifer Lawrence are often seen out with their beach curls too, providing the perfect look for all occasions.”

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Inanch explains how it’s super easy to recreate the “youthful, fun” style.

Sharing her top tips on how to achieve the highly sought-after look at home, she explains: “After washing your hair in the evening, gently towel dry and apply some leave-in conditioner with an SPF for extra protection and silky hair.

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“I love the Gold Class range which is great for taming frizz.

“Plait your hair and remember, the tighter, the better – French/Dutch plaits work the best.”

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She notes that when you undo it in the morning, you’re pretty much ready to go with “zero heat damage but maximum effect.”


Kim Kardashian often favours the snatched ponytail, which helps showcase her youthful skin


Kim Kardashian often favours the snatched ponytail, which helps showcase her youthful skinCredit: Getty

Inanch points out that the snatched ponytail is a celebrity favourite thanks to the effortless, red-carpet look it creates.

“It’s sleek, sexy and sophisticated and is often favourited by A-listers including Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez – showcasing their flawless and youthful skin,” she says.

And if you’re hoping to try out the snatched ponytail, Inanch shares the secret hair product that could make all the difference.

“Keeping your hair from your face in a tight, pulled back ponytail not only stops it from feeling tangled and getting stuck in your ice cream, it also looks neat, flattering and most importantly can give the illusion of a pulled back face lift,” she says.

“I’d accompany this style with a good Argan oil which will give it the perfect sheen and help to keep your hair in place.” 


Molly-Mae Hague has mastered the messy bun


Molly-Mae Hague has mastered the messy bunCredit: Instagram

The hairdressing whizz explains that Molly Mae-Hague will be busier than ever with her new arrival Bambi, but quips: “Thankfully, she can do a great messy bun!”

She continues: “We love how it’s full of volume and looks really stylish.

“She also keeps her bangs loose and long around her face.”

The hair guru goes on to say how Rihanna also stole the show at the Super Bowl with her perfect yet ultra glam messy bun.

“We loved the framing face curls and the hair expertly escaping from her high bun,” she adds.

Inanch explains how messy buns are the perfect hairstyle choice for looking “effortless and cool” but warns it can take a bit of prep work to perfect this un-perfect look – especially if you have thin, short hair, which can make the bun look tiny.

“The key to creating some ‘oomph’ is to spray the hair with some texturising spray,” she explains.

“Tease the hair gently.

“Backcombing can break the hair if it’s done too vigorously – this should create enough volume for your, ‘I’ve just jumped out of bed’ messy bun.”


Holly Willoughby also favours this summery hair style


Holly Willoughby also favours this summery hair styleCredit: Instagram/@wyldemoon

According to Inanch, this style is super popular at the moment, with Rochelle Humes being the latest star to join the lob crew.

“She looks amazing and the waves and length give her hair a really edgy feel,” the hairdresser explains.

“Holly Willoughby and Emily Ratajkowski also favour this summery style.”

Sharing her advice on how to perfect the look, Inanch says: “We spend a lot of money keeping our skin healthy with anti-ageing lotions and potions and our hair should be no different. 

“Hair facials are amazing for retaining youthful, healthy hair – especially in the dry summer months…

“Hair Botox and Keratin smoothing treatments are AMAZING for fighting the frizz, especially in hot climates.

“Your hair will be oozing health and shine!”

She adds: “Disclaimer – expect some hair touching, stroking and asking for your hair tips!”


Inanch says Jennifer Aniston's long and layered hair frames her oval face perfectly


Inanch says Jennifer Aniston’s long and layered hair frames her oval face perfectlyCredit: Getty

Inanch says that age is just a number and notes that just because you’ve reached a certain age, it doesn’t mean you have to chop all of your hair off.

“There are many ‘mature’, beautiful A-listers who rock the locks,” she continues.

“Among our favourites includes Julia Roberts, whose signature tussled waves and her new stylish fringe keeps her looking ultra stylish and youthful.

“Jennifer Aniston’s hair always looks amazing, too. Has she ever had a bad hair day?

“Worn long and layered, it frames her gorgeous oval face perfectly.”

Offering a further example, she continues: “Demi Moore – could her hair be any shinier? It’s in amazing condition and oozes health.

“Her long hair, which she tends to wear straight, looks perfect on her and makes her look younger than her 60 years!”

So, are you worried about rocking long hair?

Inanch explains: “Once we start going through the menopause, our hair can become thinner and limper.

“If this is the case and you still want to rock long locks, invest in some good quality hair extensions to ‘fill in the gaps.’

“Long hair, with face framing long layers, can be extremely youthful – as long as the hair is in good condition and looks healthy.

“If you do want to go for the chop, lobs – long, shaggy bobs – are the ideal choice.

“It sits on the collar bone and is the perfect choice for women of a certain age, especially with the added beach wave or tasseled curls.

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“Keep it ‘shaggy’ rather than a clean cut as this perfect blend between ‘groomed and ungroomed’ is very modern, sexy and soft on the face.”

She concludes by pointing out that fringes are also a great addition to this style – adding that just like Botox, they can hide frown lines and wrinkles, therefore creating the illusion of a younger, tighter face.